26 Apr

Some people are carriers of negativity. They are
storehouses of pent up anger and volatile emotions. Some remain trapped in the victim role and act in ways that further their victimization. And others are still caught in the cycle of addictive or compulsive patterns.

Negative energy can have a powerful pull on us, especially if we’re struggling to maintain positive energy and balance. It may seem that others who exude negative energy would like to pull us into the darkness with them. We do not have to go. Without judgment, we can decide it’s okay to walk away, okay to protect ourselves.

We cannot change other people. It does not help others for us to get off balance. We do not lead others into the Light by stepping into the darkness with them.

Today, God, help me to know that I don’t have to allow myself to be pulled into negativity – even around those I love. Help me set boundaries. Help me know it’s okay to take care of myself.


This meditation is a lot more about reacting to the world than being proactive. I prefer getting ahead of the curve than having to make my choices based on other people. Unfortunately that’s just not always the way it works.

I find it’s especially easy to get sucked into negative games when I’m under a H.A.L.T. (Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired) spell. Today I’m Tired, as I’ve been sleeping poorly due to stressing out about school and finances. This was a good reminder for me, so I can keep this idea out in front of myself when I’m in the trenches today.

postscript – On a lighter note, since I’m still learning about my WordPress app on my BlackBerry, I accidentally posted this as an entire page, so that gave me a laugh! I’ll figure out how to delete the page on my laptop when I get to school.

I am grateful today that my Intro to College Algebra prof from last semester is tutoring me in my Advanced College Algebra course this term. We’ve become friends (she’s 1 yr 1 day older than me), and she knows the magic behind making it fun!

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pps – evidently I erased my “About” page, too. Hmm. Certain degree of Fail running today. Don’t wanna run this way!

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