Right or Happy?

10 May

Would you rather be right or happy?

I’ve heard this little saying over and over (and over again) in both personal development and recovery circles, and have always wondered why they are considered to be mutually exclusive.

When a person is right, they have their facts straight. What they are thinking or saying matches up to reality.

When a person is happy, they feel good. They are pleased with things as they perceive them to be.

Does this mean that the “rather be right or happy” crowd thinks that people can’t get OK with facts unless their perception is different from the way things actually are, if the facts are unpleasant?

Seems to me that’s exactly what it means. And that’s not a way that I want to live.

But I used to live that way. I wanted the “Law of Attraction” to be the truth. I wanted Christianity to be the truth. I wanted lots of things to be the truth, but many of them weren’t – or at least there was no evidence that they were.

But according to the “rather be right or happy” idea, I should throw out the idea of the search for truth, and just decide on something that makes me happy.

But guess what – much like heroin, things that just make one happy in the short term can have devastating effects on one’s life in the long run.

Which is why I now choose to be as right as humanly possible, and be happy as humanly possible within the framework of reality.

It has taken some practice, and I’m still full of delusion – but the results I’ve gotten so far seem to indicate that I’m on the right path. And that makes me happy.

I found this here.

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