Accepting (even Embracing) Change

05 Jun

    Where there is no strife there is decay:

    “The mixture which is not shaken decomposes.”
    — Heraclitus

Transitions and changes are often painful, sometimes frightening. Often the most troubled lives are those most unyielding to change. When we become so committed to stability that we cannot flow with the never-ending river of life, we wither and die spiritually. Every one of us has changes moving within our lives. Some changes are beneath the surface and we only vaguely sense them. Others are obvious and we are dealing with their effects. When we see change only as a problem or as pain, we have a harder time getting on with our lives.

Looking back, we can see other changes we would never have chosen or planned for ourselves. We can see now that we grew with them. Change forced us into new realms, and we found sides of ourselves we hadn’t known before. Through whatever strife and difficulty of change we face today, we have a stable program to fall back on. And we have our relationship with our Higher Power, which is with us through all times.

I will try to have a lighter grip upon life today so that as the river of change flows, I can flow with it.

Source – Touchstones

Safety is an illusion; no, it’s a lie.

I have vague memories of “growing pains” in my thighs as a child. I can’t remember any details, but I remember my mother climbing in my bed and rubbing my legs as I cried. I have absolutely no recollection of the hurting at all.

I went through an experiential workshop weekend four years ago. It was designed as a modern-day, Western Cultural initiation. Tribal societies had them for each person, man & woman. There was mystery involved, and it cemented a paradigm shift from childhood into being an adult as well as a productive enhancement to their society. As I was participating in the weekend, I constantly needed to remind myself: Trust the Process. After the weekend was finished, I was grateful for my experiences.

The meditation above strikes me square between the eyes. As I battle in my life, my primary struggle is with change. I want a foundation, so I can feel safe and comfortable. I can make small tweaks here & there as desired, but primarily I want consistency and predictability.

That’s the most unrealistic “want” any person can strive for. Ever.

I wish I could Trust the Process of life, & relax my grip on predictability. I need to feel supported and know that I’m accepted when I make mistakes (over & over & over) while responding to the inevitable changes of life.

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