Changing attitudes

27 Jul

I’m having a frustrating night at work. The humidity in the mill is like 4 gigagobazillion percent, and it’s been a warm summer. I turned an extra industrial fan at me, which really makes a big difference for my physical comfort.

Unfortunately, I work in a paper-converting mill and I make those paper gowns a person wears at the doctor’s office or in a hospital. There’s a ginormous roll of 2-ply tissue and my machine splits those apart, then presses a roll of what I know as ‘poly’ (some polycarbonate material; or a really thin layer of plastic) between them. Then it runs through a series of bizarre twists and turns, getting folded, cut, and glued until 25 of them roll out on a stack on a conveyor belt.

That conveyor belt is in the path of the extra fan.

SO. Every 5-10 minutes I pick up 5-10 papery gowns and throw ’em away (YES I throw em away! These are for prevention of the spread of infection!).

Anyhow, I suddenly remembered The Secret, and decided to intention a good finish to my night!

Man, it’s tough to reroute habitual thinking patterns…

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