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Of all the negative emotions, resentment diminishes us the most. It brings unwarranted anger toward those who have something we want, and self-pity for ourselves. It drains us of the energy we need to change our lives and work toward goals. Resentment keeps us in a rigid judgment of who “should” and who “should not” achieve success; all “should” attitudes are pointless, breeding discontent and wasting time. Above all, resentment is ugly to see and even uglier to feel. When I’m resentful, I feel hatred toward others and myself.

Today, I ask for the humility to accept my limitations, without resenting others who have exceeded them. I ask for the courage to pursue my own goals, not comparing myself to others.



Principles Before Personalities – Tradition Twelve

“Principles before personalities.” Many of us chant these words along with the reader whenever the Twelve Traditions are read. The fact that these words have become a cliche of sorts doesn’t make them any less important, either in service or in our lives. These words are an affirmation: “We listen to our conscience and do what’s right, no matter who’s involved.” And that principle serves as one of the cornerstones of recovery as well as our traditions.

What does “principles before personalities” really mean? It means we practice honesty, humility, compassion, tolerance, and patience with everyone, whether we like them or not. Putting principles before personalities teaches us to treat everyone equally. The Twelfth Step asks us to apply principles in all our affairs; the Twelfth Tradition suggests we apply them to our relations with everyone.

Practicing principles doesn’t stop with our friends or when we leave a meeting. It’s for every day, for everyone… in all areas of our lives.

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Live beyond it

Don’t live with the disappointment. Live beyond it.

You cannot stop what has already happened. However, you can let it make you stronger and more determined.

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Another personal update

Craving sweets, specifically chocolate. Judging myself for that too.

Still, I’m not even considering smoking. Feeling a need to amp up my 12-step program. Those promises listed in the ninth step in the Big Book are awfully appealing to me.

Off to the grocery store for some Hershey’s bars.

Have a great night!

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Personal Update

I quit smoking cigarettes on the 10th; it was a gift to both myself and my mother for her birthday. I really only get about one craving a day. I chew the nicotine gum (it says Polacrilex on the packaging) pretty much all day long, although that’s not how it’s recommended to be used. Pretty much I just get the cravings when I slow down enough to let my mind and feelings to sync up to each other.

Feeling it now. I will take 5 minutes in a bit here to journal a bit about it.

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Turning an Adversity into Opportunity

We didn’t escape problems just because we came to a Twelve Step program. Problems still exist, whether it’s a car that won’t run, a neighbor who complains, a spiteful co-worker, or a family member who drinks or uses other drugs.

The difference is, now we can keep these situations in perspective. No problem means the end of our world. Before, even the smallest of problems sometimes devastated us.

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