Turning an Adversity into Opportunity

04 Oct

We didn’t escape problems just because we came to a Twelve Step program. Problems still exist, whether it’s a car that won’t run, a neighbor who complains, a spiteful co-worker, or a family member who drinks or uses other drugs.

The difference is, now we can keep these situations in perspective. No problem means the end of our world. Before, even the smallest of problems sometimes devastated us.

Through listening to old-timers, we are beginning to realize that every situation offers us a unique opportunity to respond in more thoughtful, loving ways. Without this program, we might never have learned that having problems is the path to the growth and serenity we all seek. Now we turn to God for guidance, and through our trust in God we see the problem transformed into an opportunity. To acknowledge life as being filled with opportunity rather than problems is a tiny shift in perspective that gives us huge rewards.

I will look for my opportunities today. My Higher Power will show me how to handle them. My reward will be growth.

Source – A Life of My Own


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