Allow the Tears to Flow

19 Nov

Let your tears come. Let them water your soul.
–Eileen Mayhew

We often want to sit down and cry, but the tears don’t seem to come. For years we may have struggled to keep ourselves from crying because we’ve been made to feel that tears are a sign of weakness. And we certainly don’t want to look foolish and vulnerable in front of our “tough” friends!

One of the good things about joining and building trust with a group of other recovering people is that we can let down our defenses and not feel exploited. We can show our tenderness for others and ask to be cared for. Our addiction has kept us aloof from others, but now we can begin to get close. We know we are safe now and among people who know what it means to trust and love again.

So when the tears feel like coming, we can now let them come. What a relief it is to weep for the hurt child within us or cry over a painful separation. Tears help us mourn our losses and bring us in touch with the present.

I am no longer afraid to show my emotions. I share my experiences in tears and laughter.


I have a hard, hard time with this. I’ve built up inner defenses to protect me from feeling sadness at a level which allows crying, this affects how I deal with other people.


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