03 Feb

Reflection for the Day

The experiences of thousands upon thousands of people have proven that acceptance and faith are capable of producing freedom from dependence on chemicals. When we apply the same principles of acceptance and faith to our emotional problems, however, we discover that only relative results are possible. Obviously, for example, nobody can ever become completely free from fear, anger or pride. None of us will ever achieve perfect love, harmony or serenity. We’ll have to settle for very gradual progress, punctuated occasionally by very heavy setbacks. Have I begun to abandon my old attitude of “all or nothing”?

Today I Pray

May God grant me the patience to apply those same principles of faith and acceptance, which are keys to my recovery to the whole of my emotional being. May I learn to recognize the festering of my own human anger, my hurt, my frustration, and my sadness. With the help of God, may I find appropriate ways to deal with these feelings without doing harm to others or myself.

Today I Will Remember

Feelings are facts.

Source – A Day At A Time


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