21 Feb

Leave room for God to surprise you!
–Ernie K.

It is human to be disappointed when we don’t get what we want. But when we dwell on our disappointment, as if we should have gotten what we wanted, then we forget to trust that God may have something different in store for us. Many of us pray, “Thy will be done,” but more often than not, when we don’t get what we want, we forget it may be God’s will that we not get it!

We can only know the present moment. This is our life – all of it. When we worry about future wants and past disappointments, we don’t leave room in ourselves for the present. When we let God take care of the future and live the best we can right now , we can feel assured we’ll be ready for the better things that are in store for us.

Today help me to trust in Your will.

Source – Body, Mind, and Spirit (I’m not positive this is the right meditation book)

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Posted by on 2013/02/21 in Spirituality, Surrender, Trust


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