Love the Effort

23 Mar

To do your best at the effort, love the effort. Rather than avoiding and delaying and cursing what you must do, dive into it with gratitude and enthusiasm.

If it must be done, you might as well do it in your most effective and creative state. Instead of assuming that any particular task is undesirable, approach it as the very best thing you could be doing at the moment.

Those who assume that effort is a curse are repeatedly beaten down by the efforts they must make. Those who see effort, any effort, as a blessing end up being truly blessed by those efforts.

It’s your choice, so make the smart, empowering one. Decide to embrace, enjoy and love the effort, and you’ll reap great benefits from it.

The ability to make a difference by taking action is an essential element of life. Choose to rejoice at every opportunity to do so.

Lose the complaints, the self-pity, the feelings of frustration, and love the effort. Love the effort you give to life, and discover how much the whole of life loves you back.

Source – The Daily Motivator

personal note: This is something I could stand to benefit from

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