Rekindling the Connection with the Inner Child

03 Apr

Recovery for me has been almost a rebirth. I’m born again as the curious, trusting, honest child I was so long ago – the child I thought I’d lost forever.
— Paul D.

For many of us, that child was just waiting for a chance to find us again. It was only waiting until we could maintain honesty, integrity, and decency. We had to relearn how to live so we wouldn’t hurt that child. We had to learn to choose people more carefully so the child’s trust wouldn’t be betrayed. We had to embark on a new life to protect that child.

Little by little we did change our lives. Little by little that child was reborn. As the child learned to trust us, it became more a part of our daily lives. We learned to look to that child for the source of our pain and with the help of our inner child, we’re now beginning to heal. In learning to love our child within we are learning to accept ourselves as lovable, forgivable human beings who are ready to step out into the world and take our place in a loving community of others who are also healing.

Today help me remember the child within me and to protect that part of myself in every action I take.

Source – Body, Mind, & Spirit

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