The Eye of the Beholder

18 Apr

‘A Course In Miracles’ states that we decide what we are going to see before we even see it. We are literally not seeing the world as it is, nor people as they are, but as we are.

Everything we see is a reflection of what is going on inside of ourselves. No two people see the same thing in exactly the same way and the same object will look different to us on two different occasions, even if it has not changed an iota.

We do not see with the eyes but with the brain. If the eyes are the windows then the brain is the curtain, changing what is let in. The image of the tree in front of us is transmitted to our brain, where it is made sense of. The way we make sense of it will depend on our thoughts about that tree, about trees in general and about ourselves at that moment in time.

When we understand this we realise that we are creating the whole world as we go along. We also realise that we have a decision to make; do we look blindly or with awareness? When I look at that person, am I aware that what I am seeing is a reflection of what is going on inside of me? Am I willing to question these notions within? Am I able to consider laying them aside in order to begin to see the other person as they really are?

Sometimes we have to stop and take a step back as we look. We take a deep breath and step back from the ego-voice, which always prefers us to stay entrenched in old ways of thinking. We look at the tree, the situation, the lover in front of us without attaching thought to it. We allow ourselves to slip into that place of no-thought and observe, without judgment. Then whatever we are gazing upon seems to transform before our very eyes.

We can only let go of our projections when we see our projections. We notice that our inner workings are transforming our world in ways we do not wish to choose. We forgive ourselves, we hand our unwanted patterns over to spirit and we make another choice.

Source – Wholeness Pilgrims


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