Cultivating self-compassion

09 May

Wow – Wildmind

A few points that really strike me:

  • I felt my suffering as a knot in the belly.
  • I recognized that it was suffering — often we’re so caught up in the thoughts (things like “I”m late, I have to get to work”) that we lose sight of the fact that we’re actually in pain.
  • I turned a “kindly gaze” toward my suffering.
  • I accepted that it’s OK to suffer (often we react to our suffering and try to push it away).
  • I wished my suffering well, sending it love in much the same way I would comfort a sick child.

Final paragraph is intense:

Sometimes you’ll find that you have to spend a long time dealing with your own suffering, and embracing it in a kindly and compassionate awareness. That’s OK, and that can just be how things are. But try not to get stuck on this. It’s perfectly possible to recognize that you’re suffering, and that another person is suffering, and to embrace this joint suffering compassionately. And in fact the recognition that just as you suffer, so do others can help you put your own discomfort into perspective, and perhaps you’ll realize it’s not such a big deal after all.


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