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No Desire

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Give = Take

You give something to someone.

When you look at this act from the other person’s standpoint, he is taking something.

Please remember you = non-you.

So, give = take.

If you want to take more, give more.

We have an interesting Japanese saying:

“When the wind blows, a cooper gains”.

This is telling us about a mystic chain reaction taking place in your hologram.

The more you doubt the chain reaction, the more resistance you create in the hologram.

Therefore, the chain of the reactions will be longer.

Skeptics have to wait long.

Tao by Matsumoto

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Uncarved block with no name

A: “What can I do if I want to transform the world, Master Bonbon?”

B: “Suppress your unquenchable desire.”

A: “Yes, Master Bonbon. I will suppress my desire. Suppress my desire. Suppress desire….. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. Master Bonbon, my desire is unquenchable.”

Desire has been confusing many for a long time.

What is desire?

It is a catalyst like others in your hologram.

Instead of suppressing it, cherish and accept your desire.

Then, you can easily remember that true You are the nameless uncarved block (=Tao) without desire.

You don’t have to suppress your desire.

Just remember desire doesn’t belong to you from the beginning.

Tao by Matsumoto

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Happiness is NOT…

Happiness can be discovered at any point in our lives regardless of our circumstances. But finding happiness in them does not mean we are complacent in the face of things that can be changed. Read the rest of this entry »


Clint Lowery tweet

“I tell myself many times everyday- you have no control over people, places or things. Only over my reaction to them”
~Clint Lowery~


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Peace with the Past

Even God cannot change the past.

Holding on to the past, either through guilt, longing, denial, or resentment, is a waste of valuable energy – energy that can be used to transform today and tomorrow.

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