Dont stop living, just because you are healing

16 Oct

When healing, people tend to slow down and stop living fully…

To stop living is never a proper approach to healing.

Rather healing is about refocusing how you live.

Yes you should slow down when healing but not to stop living your life either. When healing you have an opportunity to live and explore life in a even deeper more perceptive manner than you might realize. While in a state of healing: the body and mind often then go into a deeper state of awareness also: Your body is focused upon healing, which also focuses your senses in a new manner. Use this truth and explore living with your heighten senses. Yes you might be a bit worn out from healing, so you are not going to be exactly leaping about. However, with the expanded awareness that comes with healing you can still use that awareness to live in deeper more profound manners also.

So don’t stop living because you are healing: pace yourself to the healing process and then live in a slower but deeper manner while healing.

Living doesn’t mean to always be running at full steam, running at full steam even while healthy will break a person. Rather living is about interacting with life around you. Something we do all the time because we are living. Don’t forget life, your life, when healing.

Source – Personal Tao

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Posted by on 2013/10/16 in Attitude, Spirituality


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