What have I given up on?

22 Mar

I was just wondering: What have I “given up on” because of messages I perceived from other people? That is being completely unfair to myself, and I want to reclaim those things. I need those things back, because I want to reclaim WHO I AM. I want to step back into being the person I slowly started poisoning when my perception of other people’s reality became more important to me than I am to me.

So…. here goes.

I’ve given up on:

  • being a father
  • being a worthy romantic partner
  • being a trusted confidant to my friends
  • being wanted as a friend for my interests
  • having opinions that matter
  • having value for my wisdom and perspective
  • believing I am worthy of others’ time

I’m through with those beliefs. Finished. Done.

I am willing to accept that I don’t need to be any of those things to anyone. But those who acknowledge those parts of me will have priority over those that ignore them. I will not settle any longer.

I’m stepping back into being myself. You can choose to join me on my journey, but don’t stand in the way. No quarter.


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