How to Really Live Instead of Merely Existing (excerpt)

31 Mar

This is excerpted from this blog post over at Tiny Buddha. I simply cut out the “personal” parts, and left the strictly advice suff. The personal parts do highlight the points very very well, though.

  • Become aware without judgment.

    Don’t let your opinions get in the way of being aware. I had not been able to see my father clearly because I judged him for how he lived and how he treated others. Judging him for that did not change him. But, in letting go of my judgment of him, I did change myself.

  • Release expectations.

    Unfulfilled expectations lead to disappointment. When you release your expectations, you become open to options. In a sense, your world broadens and you invite possibilities that otherwise might not exist.

  • Let the light in.

    As hard as it may be to throw open the curtains and let the sun shine in, just do it. Look for the good. Surround yourself with positive people. Pursue activities that you enjoy.

  • Fall in love with who you are. Right now.

    Don’t wait until you lose ten pounds, finish your degree, learn a second language, climb Mt. Everest, or even finish your morning coffee. Commit to loving yourself as you are right now.


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