Releasing the Fear That Keeps Us Feeling Unlovable [excerpt] (Tiny Buddha)

06 Apr

These are the bullet-points from this blog post written by this author.

There’s a really powerful story told before all of these bullets, which detail a path leading to the author discovering these truths for herself. It lends more truth to the idea “A broken man becomes a humble man“.

It really scares me that I might have to experience the losses the author went through in order to finally crack the shells around my barrier keeping me from Myself.

Anyways, here’s the list:

  • Love is who we are.

    It is our innate essence and our fundamental nature. Any instance in which we think or behave in a way that is incoherent with our fundamental nature—when we are unkind to ourselves or another, or we berate ourselves or another—we have not aligned with who we truly are.

  • It is the ego-mind that separates us from our fundamental nature of love.

    This ego-mind creates thoughts of psychological fear in our minds. These differ from thoughts of real fear, which are healthy and natural—for example, when our body senses a threat such as a hungry tiger snarling at us.

    Thoughts of psychological fear are unnatural. They tell us, “I am not good enough,” “I don’t deserve it,” “I will never have what I want,” and so on. They judge, hate, compare, berate, alienate, frighten, and more.

  • In our natural state of being, we already are perfect.

    In aligning with who we really are, we thrive internally and externally in our loving authenticity.

  • We can all choose to see the ego-mind for what it is—a manipulative, clever smoke screen illusion that tricks us into forgetting who we truly are.

    We can choose to recognize thoughts of psychological fear as they arise, acknowledge that they are unnatural, and instead, return to our innate being of love.

  • A miracle is a shift in perception from psychological fear to love.

    We can ask for these miracles to bless our lives every day. If we open ourselves up to the willingness to make a shift in perception, miracles will happen.

    Whether we know it yet or not, this is our journey—the return to our true nature, love. This is the answer to ending our suffering. We ourselves are the happiness that we all seek.

    I know that, for the rest of my soul’s journey here on this planet, I will go forever deeper into the layers of our infinite love.


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