Easy Ways to Improve your Day

25 Apr

1. Begin your day by connecting with yourself – so you feel more centered and at peace with yourself.
2. Make sure you get enough sleep. The less sleep you get the more stressed out you feel, and the harder it is to think, study and work.
3. Dress for confidence. The way we look affects the way we feel.
4. Take a few minutes to preview your day. What do you want to achieve today? What obstacles do you have to overcome? What can you do to make this a good day?
5. Related to this, try not to over schedule your day. What’s not essential? And what can you drop?
6. Clear your head before moving onto something new. Doing that will enable you to focus again.
7. Make good eye contact and smile at those you meet. It makes you seem more friendly and approachable.
8. Remember to apply the golden rule – and be polite, understanding and considerate.
9. Show that same respect and care for yourself!
10. Show appreciation and gratitude – and notice the hard work and contributions of others.
11. Be enthusiastic and passionate. Put your heart and soul into everything you do. You’ll respect yourself more if you do your job well.
12. Share what you have, and who you are, with those around you. Life is much more rewarding when you’re generous.
13. Look for ways to learn and to grow as a person. It makes life more interesting, and you’ll feel more fulfilled.
14. Cultivate patience. It reduces your stress levels, and will also improve your relationships.
15. Smile and laugh often. It’s the perfect way to find something good and worthwhile in every day.

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