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New Beginning

I’m going to try starting some New Stuff. I want to re-boot my life, in a sense. Starting with my recovery.

I decided to finish a book I began a while ago, The Tao of Sobriety.

I picked up where I left off (which is Chapter 2). One paragraph jumped out at me right away:

Some people successfully give up drugs without becoming particularly enlightened. They end up sober but somber! From our perspective they have only handled half the problem. The goal of the scheme we propose is to create positive effects that spread, creating satisfaction and appropriateness in all areas of life: self, family, physical health, finances, work, play, and community. Denying or avoiding pain and discomfort is not the same as gaining mastery over it or becoming light about life. Denial and avoidance can be side effects of drug use; enlightenment is the opposite end of the spectrum.

This is still a huge issue for me; I’m creeping up on ten years “sober but somber.”

I want very much to lighten up.


Connection (Touchstones)

Shared joy is double joy, and shared sorrow is half sorrow.
—Swedish proverb

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So, this happened today


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Step Eleven

We begin to pray only for God’s will for us. That way, we get only what we are capable of handling.”

Basic Text, p. 49

Just for today: I will pray only for knowledge of God’s will and the power to carry that out in the real world.

Source – Just For Today


Ask for mercy, not justice

“Many of us have difficulty admitting that we caused harm for others… We cut away our justifications and our ideas of being a victim.”
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Surrendering self-will

“Our fears are lessened and faith begins to grow as we learn the true meaning of surrender. We are no longer fighting fear, anger, guilt, self-pity, or depression.”

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Hyperbolic Self-Badness

Reflection for the Day

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