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The Greatest Relationship You Can Have

When we hear the word “relationship,” we’re inclined to think of the romantic connection between two people. Before exploring that fascinating, timeless dynamic of human experience, let’s open up the definition of the word “relationship” to a wider and very important way of thinking.

Relationships with other people are just one piece of the puzzle. If we come to see that ALL of the relationships in our lives—to family, friends, our community, the world, our emotions, our belief systems, food, addictions, emotions, and even the family pet—are barometers of how we coexist in an intimate relationship, we will expand our minds and have a better understanding of what connection means. You can’t separate the elements of your life into compartments, hoping that it will all fall together in some haphazard order. The way you move through your entire life creates a whole and complete picture. If you approach all of your relationships with a sense of who you genuinely are with a positive outlook, you’ll see how you can thrive in deeply satisfying, truly loving relationships.

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