Disclaimer, or Credit Where Credit’s Due

It has occurred to me that this “blog” is nothing more than a collection of Other Peoples’ blog posts, with a few S’Logs (personal notes I’d rather not publicize – regardless of the fact that nobody visits my “blog”) thrown amongst them.

I have tried to give direct links to all the original postings of these – and I take no credit for them.

Primarily, I use this as a collection of idea tools for myself. I like having them readily accessible (not needing to hunt and peck). I scroll to the bottom of the “blog,” find whatever topic I’m struggling with, and scroll through my options.

I am grateful for this tool, and to all those who post the originals.

Again – I give credit where it’s due whenever possible – and only take it for myself where applicable (usually tagged “personal”). I’m no guru, not even very good at life. Trying to get better at life, and this collection of posts helps me do that.


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