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Service call at 12:30am. Got home about 2:30. 3:30 now, wide awake. Work at 9am.




So, I bought a new car this week. A 95 Camry, this one a 4 door with a 3.0 V6. It’ll probably roll over to 52K miles tomorrow or Monday. 

  I grabbed a $125 cd-deck for it, because it had a stock cassette player.  

 Bought a windshield sun protector thingy that has the iconic image of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan, and Chewbacca staring out of the front of the Millennium Falcon.

I’m in some sort of feeling mode, because all that money spent hasn’t sated me. I ran all over Appleton this afternoon, looking for a Star Wars Lego set to put together (almost bought the Star Destroyer kit… which is enormous). Now I’m thinking of running to the Walmart across town to look at their collection of Legos, and a jump drive for my car to play music from.

What am I trying to avoid? Retail therapy sucks.


Learning, & the story  no one wants to hear

A couple days ago, I got a notion in my head that I should do some Window Shopping Therapy. I ended up at Best Buy, & was browsing the used games for PS3.
For whatever reason, I started looking at the display of XBox Ones and PS4s. After half an hour of talking with two sales reps, I walked out with an XBox.
I couldn’t get my external hard drive to link up to it, & it wasn’t designed as a standalone media player anyways. Took it back the next day & brought home a Playstation.
PS4, I was able to get music & videos to play from the hard drive, eventually.  It won’t play video files without an internet connection at all. The music files, it doesn’t read the metadata – which means absolutely no sorting whatsoever.
I’m probably (like 99% certain) gonna return the PS4.
Usually I won’t buy anything at all when I know I’m out on a retail therapy tour. This is why.


Friday Surprise

I got home from work on Friday, & my neighbor (Todd) caught me in the parking lot. “You’re in for a surprise,” he says.

The apartment adjacent to mine (Richard’s) burnt to a shell around noon that day. The fire department kicked my doors in to see where the fire was, even though Todd had already directed them to Richard’s outside-access door.


It’s Sunday morning now & it took me that long to realize they’d shut off the gas lines to the building – yeah, I have no experience with house fires.

So… yeah. I wanna take a shower & wash my clothes.


Losing my Hope for staying innocent

Humble and helpless and
Learning to pray
Praying for visions
To show me the way

Show me the way to forgive you
Allow me to let it go
Allow me to be forgiven
Show me the way to let go

Illuminate the way
I’m just praying for you to show me where I’m to begin

Hoping to
Reconnect to you



I had a bizarre dream about posting some weird “thing” on Facebook that was off-the-charts inappropriate, believing it to be Memorial Day or something. The post was regarding dead people, in memoriam or something.

I guess it could be considered a version of a nightmare.

Anyways, I’m staying off Facebook today. Not looking, not posting.

Gonna shower now. Tired as fuck-all.


E-cig addiction

Finding myself really questioning if I can consider myself “quit” from smoking. Yes, I haven’t used a tobacco product in 3 weeks (which is a good thing).

From a more puritanical perspective however: I still have the same addictive behaviors: obsessively have to have the e-cig with me, still organize my time to be able to use it, etc etc. Now, I have to make certain my batteries are charged up though.

I’m determined more than ever that this will be a stepping stone. I see that there’s an entire culture of people which obsess over these devices, and for the first few weeks I was quickly slipping down that path. I don’t want to be still chained to this behavior years later. I want to conquer the addiction, not just escape the stink.

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